Shirley Lang – VP Communications & Marketing

Shirley has some 40 years of extensive experience in communications, marketing, and public relations. As a budding entrepreneur at the age of 21, Shirl promoted and grew her salons from a small start-up venture to several successful, established premium salons for the entertainment industry in Toronto. Starting at this time, Shirley nurtured her network of agents, promoters, and entertainers who would continue to collaborate with her throughout her varied career. Through these efforts, Shirl became intimate with print media, television and radio, and coordinated and hosted high-profile celebrity events.

Among her accomplishments, Shirl was owner and operator of Brooke International Talent, wherein she was instrumental in successfully marketing, publicizing, and promoting her clients. Shirley also coinvented a hairdressing utility device. After moving to British Columbia, Shirl, who is proudly Cree/Metis, worked at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre in Victoria as project coordinator for various projects. While there, she continued to hone and utilize her communication, marketing, and public relations skills to design and implement these programs. Shirl’s entrepreneurial spirit eventually led her to start another business as an award-winning and influential private chef, a company she started from scratch. Through her innovative and effective marketing efforts, Shirl built a thriving enterprise that expanded to include Indigenous culinary tours.

Shirl joined SunTracker in early 2019 as VP of Communications and Marketing. Shirl’s experience in building strong relationships and integrity in everything she promotes has helped define SunTracker’s innovative and successful communications, marketing, and public relations strategies.