Architectural lighting is the field that concerns itself with designing lighting systems for human needs. The goal is to provide lighting that is comfortable, useful, and productive for daily life.


Horticultural lighting is geared towards plant needs. The goal is to design lighting that maximizes the quantity and quality of produce and other agricultural products.


Entertainment lighting is focused on telling a story through light. Moving our emotions and creating spectacles of light are the goals here.


Lighting in Health is an emerging field. The goal is to provide lighting that improves and maintains our physical and mental health. Ultraviolet light for disinfection and circadian rhythms are ongoing topics of research in this area.

SunTracker Technologies Ltd.


HelioSol Software Solutions Inc.

SunTracker and HelioSol have an exclusive worldwide arrangement to license SunTracker’s Suite of Cerise Software to the lighting industry as real world solutions to lighting design and engineering problems.

SunTracker was founded by the esteemed Ian Ashdown, Senior Scientist, to advance research and develop professional lighting design software for architecture, horticulture, entertainment and health based on over 30 years’ experience in the industry.