SunTracker is adapting its current software technology as a product to allow users to compare the effectiveness and efficiency of mobile and static Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) disinfection devices. While there are a plethora of such tools on the market and more being released to meet the demand raised by the current pandemic, there is currently no product available for consumers to assess UVGI‘s efficacy, safety and cost of disinfection devices effectively. There are no specific tools for manufacturers to demonstrate the effectiveness of their own UVGI disinfection devices, or for engineers to design and implement new and retrofit UVGI fittings in an architectural or industrial setting.

The immediate need for SunTracker’s technology is as a tool for the acquisition and implementation of appropriate UVGI disinfection devices required to quickly and effectively disinfect hospital rooms and care facilities. The longer-term use of SunTracker’s technology is as a tool for the purchase and sale of UVGI disinfection devices and the implementation of these devices needed to quickly and effectively disinfect areas such as hotels, cruise ships, aircraft, airports, office buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, and residential spaces.