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SunTracker Technologies develops and licenses, Cerise 365™, lighting simulation software for architectural, roadway, and horticultural applications. Its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software has been widely-used, and is well-established as the standard for architectural and roadway applications.


However, lighting design for horticultural applications has specific requirements, that are inadequately served by traditional lighting simulation software. To meet this growing need, SunTracker Technologies’, Cerise 365™ lighting simulation software is capable of performing complex calculations to predict and quantify the distribution of light inside greenhouses, polytunnels, and vertical farms. That is in addition to on roadways, and inside residential and commercial buildings.


SunTracker Technologies’ Cerise 365™ fully supports climate-based daylight modelling (CBDM), specified in European Standard EN 17037. This standard addresses architectural buildings, but is even more critical for horticultural applications.


Through a patent-pending approach to CBDM, Cerise 365™ makes hourly calculations of the distributions of both direct sunlight, and diffuse daylight in an environment throughout the year.


This approach enables architects, engineers, and lighting designers to predict daylight availability in the design phase of new or retrofit construction. With this knowledge, designers can plan electric lighting, and estimate its annual operational costs on a monthly basis.









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Cerise 365 +GreenHouse Designer



Daylight availability is critically important information for horticulturalists; Consequently, it is an important component of horticultural lighting design.
Existing architectural lighting design software can be used to predict light availability for outdoor crops. However, it is almost impossible to predict light availability, inside greenhouses and polytunnels, using traditional lighting design software.

SunTracker Technologies has developed Cerise365 +GreenHouse Designer, specifically for horticultural applications.

Cerise365 +GreenHouse Designer, software accurately models site-specific daylight availability inside greenhouses and polytunnels. This software has multiple benefits for horticulturalists; Including performance prediction, ease of use, reduced costs, increased efficiency, and enables greenhouses and polytunnels lighting design to be optimized, before construction begins.







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Cerise 365 + Mandato



Cerise 365 + Mandato™ software allows lighting designers to fully utilize the abilities of today’s architectural and entertainment lighting design programs; Enabling designers to specify dimmable lighting channels, use DMX-512 controllers, or lighting scripts as tools to create dynamic lighting designs that are visualized as real-time, interactive video.


~~ Import lighting design projects from Lighting Analysts’ AGi32 or ElumTools.


~~ Interface with McNeel & Associates’ Rhino CAD modeler.


~~ Independently dim and switch luminaires on as many as 64 lighting channels.


~~ Model color-changing luminaires.


~~ Execute pre-programmed lighting scripts and camera paths.


~~ Connect to DMX-512 lighting control panels to record and play lighting commands.


Cerise 365 + Mandato™ does not have additional system requirements, and will operate on a commodity Windows laptop.


Cerise 365 + Mandato™ – Show clients exactly what your dynamic color-changing lighting designs will look like.







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