SunTracker Technologies (Victoria, Canada) is a global leader in the development of lighting design software, having licensed its award-winning OEM software for use in such products as Lighting Analysts’ AGi32 and ElumTools (Boulder, CO) and Glamox AS (Molde, Norway) for their OptiWin 3D Pro architectural and marine lighting design software, with over 20,000 users.

Medical experts in the field of infectious diseases and photobiology understand the benefits and risks of ultraviolet radiation exposure, however, they do not fully understand the engineering aspects of designing effective and safe ultraviolet disinfection systems.

As a world leader in architectural lighting design software, SunTracker Technologies understands both the medical issues and the design requirements for modeling safe and effective ultraviolet disinfection systems. SunTracker is directly involved with the Illuminating Engineering Society in developing guidance for the public on the issues of ultraviolet disinfection (

With four decades of experience, SunTracker’s Senior Scientist, Ian Ashdown,P. Eng. (Ret.) FIES is a lighting research scientist and engineer who knows how to realistically model and assess whether a consumer product is safe.

SunTracker is currently developing lighting design software specifically for ultraviolet disinfection systems (both static and mobile). This software will enable professional lighting designers and electrical engineers to work with mechanical engineers in designing and assessing the effectiveness and safety of new or retrofitted ultraviolet disinfection system that will make public spaces and surfaces safer from contaminants. Included spaces are hospitals and healthcare facilities, hotel and bank lobbies, restaurants, movie theatres and playhouses, sports facilities, airport lounges, airplanes, cruise ships and other modes of transportation, and anywhere else where there are public gatherings in enclosed spaces.

SunTracker is committed to developing effective and safe engineering solutions for the current Covid -19 crisis, while at the same time countering the onslaught of misinformation regarding ineffective and sometimes dangerous ultraviolet disinfection technology that is being promoted online and in the media.

SunTracker’s Senior Scientist, Ian Ashdown is available for interviews by telephone or e-mail to discuss further details of this story.

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